Camon LA25 Aerator


The CAMON LA25 Lawn Aerator can be fitted with either solid spikes or hollow corers; allowing you maximum flexibility in rejuvenating your lawn.


Why aerate your lawn?
There are two main reasons to aerate your lawn.
1. REMOVE SUB-SURFACE THATCH: If your lawn has lots of thatch (dead grass), it will starve the roots from essential water and nutrients.

2. RELIEVE COMPACTION: Coring your lawn will help with proper circulation of air, water and nutrients within the soil, all key to a healthy lawn.

Why the CAMON LA25?
The CAMON LA25 aerator is a machine that has been designed and built by us at our UK based factory. We build all of our machines to an exacting standard ensuring that not only do they perform extremely well, but that they are built to work and survive the rigours of a professional working environment.

Is the LA25 easy to use?
Like all our CAMON machinery, the LA25 has been built to be very simple to use.  After starting the engine, simply pull up the drive control lever to start the tines working before using another lever to drop the tines into the ground.

The "off-set" crank operating system on the LA25 allows the power of the engine to punch the tines into the ground resulting in perfect aeration. An important feature of the CAMON LA25 Lawn Aerator is that it is supplied with both hollow corer tines and solid spikes as standard, something not all aerators are supplied with.

The LA25 is also fitted with foam-filled tyres to eliminate punctures and to reduce tread marks on the lawn and at only 64cm (25") wide it will easily fit through standard garden gates. The location of the tines, at the rear of the machine, ensures they are easy to access. The tines can be changed in less than 5 minutes. The tines are positioned 12cm (5") apart and they punch at approximately 7½-10cm (3-4") intervals, depending on the speed the machine is travelling.

When should I use an Aerator?
We would recommend using an aerator during the Autumn and Spring and we would stress that it is best avoided using the aerator when your lawn hard during the summer months.


LA25 Lawn Aerator

Engine Honda GX160
Fuel Petrol
Net Power Output 4.8hp / 3.6kW @3600rpm
Starting Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.1L
Fuel Consumption 1.4L per hour @3600rpm
Working Width 40cm (16")
Aeration Depth 7½cm (3")
Tines Spikes & Corers
Spikes (Included) 10mm (⅓") diameter
Spikes (Optional Extra) 15mm (⅝") diameter
Corers (Included) 21mm (¾") outer diameter
15mm (⅝") inner diameter
Weight 103kg
Dimensions (L W H) 100cm x 64cm x 68cm

Lawn Aerator Tine Options

Hollow Corers
CAMON LA25 Hollow Corer Tine The hollow corer tines are included as standard with the LA25 and have an outer diameter of 21mm and an inner diameter of 15mm.
Solid Spikes
Currently there are two types of solid spikes available.
CAMON LA25 Lawn Aerator Solid 10mm Tine The 10mm (⅓") spikes are inclued as standard with the LA25.
CAMON LA25 Lawn Aerator Solid 15mm Tine The 15mm (⅝") spikes are available as an optional extra.


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