Toro 21766 53cm lawn mower

The Toro 21766 Recycler features All Wheel Drive which gives continuous drive to all four wheels for better traction on slopes or whilst mowing in damp or wet conditions. Rear wheel and front wheel drive lawn mowers can slip down inclines but AWD machines will keep a straight mowing line. All wheel drive also helps with moving the mower around turns or obstacles on the lawn including beds and shrubs.
Recycles your grass clippings – Good for your lawn, good for the environment
Toro produces some of the best petrol lawn mowers on the market and this one is no different. The cutting chamber on this lawn mower has been engineered using a patented design that allows the blade to repeatedly chop the grass clippings into tiny pieces. The grass clippings are then pushed back into the turf providing it with vital nutrients resulting in a healthier looking lawn.  Toro’s recycling method is more commonly known as mulching. One of the key benefits of using a mulching lawn mowers is the fact that it eliminates the need to stop and empty the grass bag. This means you can spend more time mowing the lawn, getting the job done quicker.
Work at your own pace
This powerful petrol lawnmower from Toro also features an intelligent all-wheel-drive system that allows you to mow your lawn at your own pace. Unlike traditional self-propelled lawn mowers, the Toro 21766 moves as quickly or as slowly as you do. This means that the petrol lawn mower continually adapts to your walking speed, even on slopes.
Built to last
Toro are renowned for producing sturdy lawnmowers that are built to last, and the 21766 is no different. This petrol-powered lawn mower comes with a sturdy steel deck and has been expertly crafted to ensure that it will be tuning up your lawn for years to come. This mower also comes fitted with a handy wash port that allows you to clear out your grass clippings once you’ve finished mowing. Simply plug in the hose, turn the tap and your mower is ready for storage. If grass clippings are left to fester on your deck, it can lead the blockages that will in turn lead to decreased air flow, which will ultimately effect the collection performance. Grass clippings are also rich in acids that can cause some erosion on your mower deck – so this is a great feature to help clear them away.


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